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01 March 2014 @ 04:06 am
[fic] Summer Fantasy  
Title: Summer Fantasy - Day 28
Authors ayahideki & laile_x_yabu
Characters: Kimura Aya, Hasegawa Airi, Yamashita Michiyo, Chinen Yuzaki, Hey!Say!JUMP, SHINee
Rating: G
Genre: Random, Friendship
Author’s Notes: Well, Kat and Aya were talking and poof, this fic was the product of it.
Summary: Airi,
Aya and Michiyo went to Japan because their fanboy friend Yuzaki
invited them. They're already prepared to meet their favorite band
Hey!Say!JUMP because they're friends with Yuzaki. Besides meeting them,
what can even possibly happen in thie one month vacation in Japan?
Masterlist: Here

For the first time since he could remember, Yuzaki was the first one to wake up in the morning… but he didn’t particularly meant for that to happen either. It was just that he felt the sleeping Chinen kicked him again, so by instinct, he tried to move away from his reach a little. Unfortunately, he was already on the edge of the bed by then so he continued down to the floor.

As painful as his butt felt, he was pretty sure that his fall made a loud thud but none of the other guys— Chinen and Keito— seemed to have heard or felt that at all. They had no idea at all that he fell down, while Keito had most of the bed with his arms and legs both spread out widely, while Chinen’s head was on his stomach and the rest of his body occupied the rest of the bed, including the part where Yuzaki used to be sleeping at.

Burdened, he turned his gaze towards the alarm clock on his bedside table and saw that it was already nearly morning anyway so he might as well just get up already and maybe get started on getting breakfast ready because although Keito, Chinen, Yabu, Ryutaro and Yuya were the only ones who stayed overnight, the other guys promised to be there by breakfast time too, and feeding all those men would mean that they’d need a lot of food as usual.

As soon as he stepped out of his bedroom though, he was quite surprised to hear that the tv was on. The previous night, the last thing he remembered before going to bed was leaving the people there, Yabu, Takaki, Ryutaro, Airi, Aya and Michiyo watching Criminal Minds as if they had no plans to sleep at all. He’d seriously clap his hands to whoever actually stayed up to watch as much as they could as if there was no tomorrow.

“Now, who could that dumbass be,” Yuzaki whispered to himself as he looked and saw just one head from the angle where he was. He was pretty sure it was one of the guys though, considering the short hair, but because they all lost their usual stage hairstyles after they showered after Ryutaro’s congratulatory party the night before, he couldn’t tell anymore.

So instead, he just walked up towards the couch, and as he came closer, that’s when he realized that there was someone else in there, one of the girls, and she was just covered by the guy with her because of the angle from where Yuzaki was looking at. They both had their backs rested on the backrest of the couch, but they leaned towards each other, the girl’s head on the guy’s shoulder while the guy’s head was on her head, and then their arms were twirled together and hands held. The tv was still going as if they were watching but they were in deep sleep that neither even noticed Yuzaki going around in front of them and grabbed one of the cellphones that were on the table.

While grinning, he took some pictures of both of them and then went back around, behind them as if he didn’t do anything.

“Good morning!” He suddenly shouted so loudly that it made the two jump up, awake, and hearts racing because of the surprise. They both turned to Yuzaki with shocked faces, but then Airi realized the situation first so she quickly turned around to run to the bathroom to wash her face.

“Good morning,” Yuzaki said with a grin to Yabu.

At first, Yabu thought of sneering at him because he still felt tired and sleepy, but when he heard the sudden rush of water on the sink of the bathroom, he quickly realized why Yuzaki was looking at him the way he was, and he couldn’t help but grin as well.

“Good morning,” he murmured, but he also grabbed one of the throw pillows and fell on the couch as he decided to just sleep again.

After Yuzaki heard the water on the bathroom stopped, he waited for a few seconds and as he expected, he saw Airi peep her head out and gave him as asking look. “Where is he?”

“Sleeping again,” Yuzaki answered, and as if relieved, Airi came out of the bathroom already.

“Should we start preparing breakfast then? I’ll wake the girls up,” Airi said, but just as she was about to head towards their usual bedroom, Yuzaki stopped her from going.

“Nah, you go down first neechan. I think they’ll wake up quicker if I’m the one to wake them up,” Yuzaki said. As an answer, Airi just shrugged and nodded her head and headed down the stairs, to the kitchen and started preparing for anything they could cook with the plenty of ingredients they still had on their ref at the moment.

While she was doing that, Yuzaki ran quietly towards the table where Airi’s cellphone still was, that one he used to take a photo of her and Yabu sleeping on the couch earlier and intended to show it to the two other girls as soon as he woke them up. He was pretty sure they were going to freak out about it and tease her later. But as soon as he opened the door, it was him that was surprised by the sight once again.

Michiyo was indeed there, but there was no Aya in sight. Instead of Aya, it was Ryutaro that was there with her. Unlike Michiyo though who was lying on her stomach on the bed, with the messily spread out karuta cards beside her, Ryutaro was sitting on the floor, while his body leaned on the bed and his head was lying right on top of it. They were kind of positioned across each other on the bed, but just in the middle, their hands met and even while sleeping, they were holding each other’s hands.

Although shocked at first, the same grin as earlier quickly appeared on Yuzaki’s face. He quickly looked around, looking for Michiyo’s own phone, and found it on the bedside table so he tiptoed towards it and took it. He placed Airi’s cellphone down on the table too before he started taking tons of photos as well, and once he got tired of that, he put it back down as if nothing happened and tiptoed back to the door.

“Hey, guys! Wake up! We’re about to prepare breakfast already,” Yuzaki said from the doorway and that was enough to wake Ryutaro up, but not Michiyo.

Ryutaro has already fully turned to Yuzaki and raised a thumbs up as if saying they were good already, and while Yuzaki turned around to go to the next room to see if Aya was there, Ryutaro quietly and repeatedly pulled on Michiyo’s hand until she woke up.

At first, she looked back at him, but then when she realized that they both just woke up, she buried half of her face back on the bed sheet where it was earlier and then simply gave Ryutaro an asking look.

“Aki-niichan said we should prepare breakfast,” Ryutaro said, his voice still a little bit husky and throaty because those were his first words since he woke up, after all.

“Alright,” Michiyo said and then quickly rose and ran to the bathroom just as Airi did earlier.

When Yuzaki checked the next room looking for Aya, he assumed that she saw the same scene he did with Michiyo and Ryutaro’s sleeping position earlier, so with the two cellphones in hand— Airi’s and Michiyo’s— and thought she’d show them to Aya. Unfortunately, when he opened the door to the next room, he found no one.

That’s when he stated thinking, ‘If Airi-neechan was with Yabu-kun, Michiyo was with Ryutaro… then that means Aya is with Takaki… right?’

He grinned as he thought of it to himself, and then while he watched Ryutaro and Michiyo go down to the kitchen, he let them go ahead of him and then slowly followed. He went to the first bedroom door he saw, which was supposed to be Yuya, Keito and Ryutaro’s bedroom, and just as he expected, he saw them there. Only, he was more shocked that he expected.

Airi and Yabu were kind of cuddling on the couch while sleeping. Michiyo and Ryutaro were sleeping with their hands clasped tightly. But Yuya and Aya, they were actually lying on the same bed. Instead of Yuya’s bed though which was a single bed, they were on the Queen-sized bed that Keito and Ryutaro usually used. Yuya was on the side closer to the wall while Aya was on the outer side, but she wasn’t even close to falling because even though it was a pretty big bed, they were lying considerably close to each other.

While suppressing the temptation to shout for the others to come, Yuzaki quietly went in and slightly closed the door behind him. He reached for Aya’s cellphone which was placed on the bedside table, and then started to do what he did earlier. Take pictures. He was grinning and snickering as he did so that he felt quite lucky that they didn’t wake up at all, but then after leaving the phone back where he took it, he tiptoed to the door and opened it wide.

“Guys! Guys! Guys! Come here! Quick!” Yuzaki shouted, surprising everyone, including Takaki and Aya who both still looked pretty disoriented despite the fact that everyone that was in the house were already standing by the doorway and looking at them with teasing looks, laughing and making cheering noises.

“What were you guys doing?” Chinen asked with a wide grin although he was still in his pajamas, his hands formed an invisible telescope around his eyes.

“Nothing!” Yuya quickly shouted which shocked Aya, and when she turned towards him, she saw how red his face was, even redder her own’s.

“Then why do you look so guilty?” Chinen asked again with the same wide grin and playful tone.

“Oh come on, guys! Do you need some help cleaning up your minds?” Aya frowned at them.

“You were the ones that made them messy anyway,” Yuzaki said then laughed with Chinen and the other who just followed them.

“Oh, drop it guys, I am pretty sure nothing happened,” Airi finally spoke up after all of the teasing noises from the rest of the people in the room, after Aya gave her a pleading look to help. At first she just stuck her tongue out and grinned, but then when Aya gave her a more ridiculous pout, that’s when she finally decided to help.

After she said that, she turned her back and returned to the kitchen and continued working and that kind of messed the moment already so each decided to just move on and let the matter go… for the time being, that it.

They all went to the kitchen, but others worked while the other just sat around the dining table and waited.

Airi had been cutting a lot of things earlier and ended up making omelet with a lot of stuffing in it, like bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions, mushrooms and onion chives. Aside from that, she also cooked some Chinese fried rice after seeing the amount of leftover rice the previous night and made sure to use plenty of vegetables for the stubborn kids among the guys who wouldn’t eat vegetables so easily.

Aya decided to take out the waffle machine she’d been seeing around Yuzaki’s kitchen for a while already and searched on the internet how to make Belgian waffles and that’s what she made. Luckily, there was some spray can of whipped cream ready on their ref and she didn’t have to make one. She asked for some fruits from Yuzaki who decided to cut some fruits when he saw that the girls were already doing everything.

Michiyo assigned herself with the drinks, of course with the assistance of Ryutaro who was only helping her out with whatever she was doing. First, she set the coffeemaker so that anybody who would want coffee can just take some while they ate, and then they went on with taking out the juicer and making juice out of the oranges and lemons so that they had plenty of choices for the drinks.

By the time everything was cooked, the rest of the guys who didn’t sleep at that house the night before already were there so they quickly proceeded to eating while talking, just like a usual morning at Yuzaki’s house. Everyone was noisy and people were talking almost at the same time, it was a wonder how they even understood each other.

“Wait a minute!” Yamada suddenly got everyone’s attention with his tone and the way his eyes were circled and his lips hang. When everybody turned to him, Chinen was whispering something to his ear and it was something that made him make a ridiculously funny facial expression, but even before anybody could reaction, he continued, “Takaki and Aya-chan?! You guys?! You— UWAH!”

He gave the two an unbelieving look, and while Aya choked on the lemon juice she was drinking, Yuya who was sitting beside her actually had to get up and go to the sink to wash his face because his hand slipped in shock that the whipped cream of the waffle he was eating spread out all over his face.

“Oi!” Yuya shouted and pointed at Chinen who just kept on laughing, as he went back to the table and awkwardly sat beside Aya again. “Don’t be spreading rumours! You know how much they can ruin an image.”

“The thing is, Yuya, you’ve always had an image of being… like that,” Inoo said, intentionally delaying the last words just for the sake of having a momentum.

“Oh, come on! He has, but do I?” Aya said, pushing Yuya towards the danger zone while herself alone.

“Hey! Not you too!” Yuya pouted as he turned towards Aya.

“I’m sorry, but Kei’s right. You’ve always had that kind of image, but I don’t, so basically, I have to protect myself more,” Aya said and that caused for the others to laugh.

While in the middle of laughing though, Yuzaki got everyone’s attention again with, “Ah, but it’s not just them.”

“Really? Who else then?” Keito asked with amusement, but his eyes already travelled towards where Yabu and Airi where, and saw Yabu merely smiling with his eye-smile and  Airi mouthing off threats to Yuzaki.

“Yabu and Airi-neechan slept, cuddling on the couch upstairs,” Yuzaki still said though.

“Hey!” Airi quickly shouted towards Yuzaki and sighed when the others started to tease them as well.

“Guys! At least Yuya and Aya hid!” Yuto said, his hands folded in front of him while he was swaying from left to right, like a girl who was looking at her crush and giggling.

“You guys were out in the open? Get a room next time!” Daiki said with a wide grin, but Airi looked at him with an unbelieving look because of all people, she didn’t expect to hear that from the guy.

“We fell asleep while watching,” Airi said, and then looked at Yabu as if waiting for him to confirm what she said, but only when Yabu realized that she was glaring at him did he say, “Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s right.”

“So you were watching with your arms twisted around, hands held and with your faces so close?” Yuzaki asked, with a face as if of a detective almost breaking a case, and that, once more, made the group even noisier than they already were.

But when Airi finally gave Yuzaki a murderous look, he lifted his hands and as if backed off. This time, he turned to Ryutaro and Michiyo who both started to shake their heads even before Yuzaki said anything so everybody quickly knew that there was surely something with them too.

“What, them too?” Chinen asked Yuzaki with surprise as he saw the exchange of looks.

“Well of course, what do you expect?” Yuzaki said with a bit of an exaggerated and big reaction. “Imagine my surprise when I opened the door of the girls’ room and found Ryutaro there with Michiyo. I never thought I’d see the day.”

“Seriously?!” Airi and Aya both said with shock, after both slightly choked on the food on each of their mouths and then looked at Michiyo who quickly shook her head and even waved her hands as if to quickly deny whatever it was that was running in their heads.

“We were just playing Karuta cards, but then Mi-chan fell asleep and I was too sleepy to get up already and then next thing I knew, Aki-niichan was telling us to get up and cook breakfast,” Ryutaro was the one who spoke first though and explained.

“Besides, I slept on the bed and Ryuu was sitting on the floor the whole time, right?” Michiyo said and Ryutaro nodded so their issue was quickly solved.

“So Takaki and Aya-chan were still the most extreme pair here? They did sleep on the same bed after all,” Inoo said and once more, the round of teasing of Yuya and Aya started as if it never ended.

There were a lot of food when they started, and maybe because they were too noisy that they didn’t realize that they finished all of those already. Since the girls were the ones that worked on preparing, some of the guys volunteered to do the cleaning up, while the others just decided to stay at the living room. When all the cleaning up was done, everybody gathered on the living room again and as expected, it was really noisy. But only the guys were there.

The girls went up as soon as they were done eating and quickly started to prepare. Actually, since a couple of nights ago, they already got their luggage and bags ready. They somehow knew that with the concert and all, they wouldn’t have much time to pack and they were right. That’s why after they took baths by turns, blow-dried their hairs, put on some make up and dressed up, all they had to do was grab them and bring them downstairs.

Yuzaki, who assigned himself to drive the girls to the airport while the guys had to be picked up by their manager there for some rounds of schedules and promotions that they should do, also quickly prepared and helped the girls move their bags down the stairs.

And as the guys watched the girls go down with all their bags, the noise died down as if they weren’t just laughing a few seconds ago. Finally, reality struck and everybody felt the fact of the girls having to leave in a few hours.

“Guys, the girls’ flight is in about two hours, so I have to drive them to the airport already,” Yuzaki broke then silence.

“Can you wait a moment? I just have to talk to Airi,” Yabu was the first one to get up and when Yuzaki nodded, Yabu walked towards Airi and pulled her out to the backdoor.

Without words, Yuya did the same with Aya but brought her on the room where they slept together the night before, and Ryutaro pulled Michiyo up the stairs again, to the entertainment area.

It was quiet after Yuya pulled Aya into the room. None of them said anything, but Yuya left Aya standing just behind the door while he walked to the bed he usually used, the smaller one, and sat at the end of it. Just when he was about to say anything though and looked up at Aya, he saw her quietly crying while he had her head down so instead of saying anything, he got to his feet again and hugged her.

“I’m going to miss you so much,” he whispered right to her ear and she nodded her head quietly.

“I promised myself I won’t cry, but you had to dramatically drag me here,” she said with a playful tone even as she used her hands to wide off her tears.

“I couldn’t help it, I want to have at least a few more minutes alone with you,” Yuya said, still hugging her, but instead of from the front like earlier, she let her turn a little so that she could wipe her tears off more properly.

“But hey,” Aya looked up to him and slightly pouted, “It used to always break my heart whenever I heard rumours about you with girls, but I want you to know that if something came up while we’re apart, I won’t believe them until I hear from you, alright? So don’t doubt to talk to me.”

“I know. I will be loyal to you because I know you will be too,” Yuya smile, not realizing that tears also started coming out of his eyes as well, so Aya was the one that wiped them off for him.

“Of course. You’re my only boyfriend. Everyone else, they’re just idols and I won’t ever feel for them what I feel for you. Because you’re the only one I truly love,” Aya said with reassurance and Yuya nodded with a toothy smile.

“You’re the only one I truly love too,” he answered.

“Keep in contact, alright?” Aya said and Yuya nodded, and answered, “We have countless of free online messaging on both our phones, so there’s no excuse not to do just that.”

Again, while they stood there, Aya hugged him tightly, but instead of hugging her back, Yuya pushed her a back a little so that he could lean forward towards her, lifted her chin so that their lips met and he made sure that he gave her a going away gift that she would never ever forget until she goes back where she lives and until the day they meet again and he can kiss her just like that again.

Upstairs, Ryutaro and Michiyo just sat at the couch and quietly looked at each other for minutes. For about three times, Ryutaro took a deep breath and released while he drew circles on the palm of Michiyo’s hand that he held on his lap while they sat facing each other. Michiyo, too, only quietly looked back at him and bit her lips every time thought of saying anything.

Just when Ryutaro was about to say something though, she held up her hand and with a smile, she said, “I have a favour to ask.”

“What is it?” Ryutaro said, as if brightened up by what she said because he wasn’t sure what to say and since she already started it, then he would just give her what she wanted, no matter what it was.

“Can you please send me off with a smile?” Michiyo asked, and for a moment, Ryutaro felt his chest tightened and then lightened, all in one second, so his breath felt delayed too.

“I can do that,” he answered after a moment and then tried his best to smile.

“Thank you,” Michiyo said and touched his face, while looking at it properly, as if she wouldn’t see her on videos after they leave. “I don’t want a tearful goodbye because we’ll see each other again, anyway, right?”

“Yes,” Ryutaro nodded, and then his smile became more natural as he remembered something. “And when we meet again, we’ll grant that promise we had between each other, right?” And when Michiyo nodded to that, he smiled even more.

“I’ll miss Ryuu,” she said in a loud whisper that only the two of them could possibly have heard. “And don’t make me worry again like before, alright? Be a good boy this time for sure!”

“I know, I know,” Ryutaro scoffed and laughed as Michiyo’s tone changed at the end of what she saw saying.

“I will miss you,” Michiyo said and without much thinking, she just threw herself towards him and hugged him and he hugged her back tighter, as if there was no chance that he’d let go. He kissed the top of her head repeatedly and just hoped that they could have more time just to stay like that.

“So!” Airi finally broke the silence after a while of just sitting there outside, with Yabu staring at her, while she looked around the place because she was never comfortable knowing that there was someone staring at her. Even if it was her own boyfriend.

“So?” Yabu merely repeated what she said with a different tone.

“Yeah…” Airi mumbled.

“Yeah,” Yabu repeated again with a different tone.

“We’re leaving,” Airi finally said and Yabu quietly nodded to acknowledge it. “Bye.”

On her own will, Airi loved towards Yabu and placed her arms around him to hug him tightly. He hugged her back just the same and placed his chin at the crown of her head and just stayed that way.

“You won’t cheat on me right?” Yabu suddenly asked which made Airi scoff and laugh lightly.

“Of course not. Are you?” Airi asked back and Yabu shook his head. “That’s clear then. Anything else?”

“Let’s keep in contact,” Yabu said and hearing that, Airi backed away a little and looked straight at him.

She took a deep breath and then nodded as she said, “Let’s make sure to do that because to be honest, this whole long distance thing, I am not so comfortable with it, but let’s make it work, alright?”

“Alright,” Yabu smile and pecked a kiss on her cheek. “Love you.”

“Love you more,” Airi smiled and nodded.

When the girls went back to the living room with their boyfriends, Aya was the only one crying which kind of surprised everyone. To that, both Airi and Michiyo quickly answered, “I hate tearful goodbyes.”

The girls thanked the guys for warmly accepting them while they were there, making it fun for them despite the fact that they couldn’t get out much and spent most of their days on that home because of the guys’ status, thanked each one for everything they have done for them and they received the same thanks as expected, and in just a few more minutes, Yuzaki announced that they should be going.

In just a few minutes, they were already at the airport with plenty of time to fix their papers inside and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Yuzaki helped them with the papers and even helped them out with the tickets and they had about half an hour of waiting until the plane had to leave. While sitting and waiting, the girls thanked Yuzaki a lot for giving them a month of happiness and welcoming them to his home and letting them stay there as if it was their own.

When their flight number was already called, the girls got to their feet and faced Yuzaki, each hugged him once and then the four of them group hugged.

“See you again next time, Yuzaki,” Airi said with a big smile.

“Yeah, bye my twin brother,” Aya said after hugging him for the last time.

“Take care, niichan,” Michiyo also said.

“Take care of yourselves too,” Yuzaki said and turned his back just as the girls also turned to go board the plane already.

Just after a few moments of walking though, Yuzaki called the girls again who all turned with one call of each of their names. “I almost forgot, I have some ‘gifts’ for you guys. They’re on your phones. Check them before you take off.”

They were puzzled, but because they had to consider the time, the girls hurried to the plane. Unlike before when they arrived and Aya was separated from the other two, they all boarded the same plane this time because Aya was going to the Philippines back with the other two because that’s where her parents would be waiting for her.

As soon as they found their seats which were all on the First Class, thanks to Yuzaki, they all took out their phones, put them on Airplane Mode and started to check their messages and such for the gift thing Yuzaki was talking about. They weren’t sure what they were looking food, but Airi was the first one to reacted, “Oh my!”

“What?” The other two asked her with curious faces.

“You found it?” Aya asked, but wondered why Airi quickly closed her phone and locked it.

“Check your Photo Gallery,” Airi said with a suppressed laughter.

Curious, Aya and Michiyo did check and as soon as they saw what was there, they did the exact same thing Airi did, they closed and locked their cellphones and placed them on their pockets.

None of them spoke for a moment, but then Airi whispered to Aya, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Don’t think that just because you used a Harry Potter reference, I am going to show mine to you. Not in a million years,” Aya said with a threatening look which made Airi back off.

“We all saw it this morning anyway,” Airi said nad laughed with Michiyo while Aya just looked at them with glares, but then her glare disappeared as the plane started moving and they saw the view outside started to change as the plan continued moving.

“It feels sad like this,” Michiyo said and the other two nodded.

“But it’s ok. We’re going back anyway, right?” Aya said while looking at the other two.

“Of course we are,” Airi said and just sat back, closed her eyes and hoped to sleep thru the short flight home because that was the only way to avoid the sadness of leaving.
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