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23 February 2014 @ 02:43 am
Title: Summer Fantasy - Day 29
Authors ayahideki & laile_x_yabu
Characters: Kimura Aya, Hasegawa Airi, Yamashita Michiyo, Chinen Yuzaki, Hey!Say!JUMP, SHINee
Rating: G
Genre: Random, Friendship
Author’s Notes: Well, Kat and Aya were talking and poof, this fic was the product of it.
Summary: Airi, Aya and Michiyo went to Japan because their fanboy friend Yuzaki
invited them. They're already prepared to meet their favorite band
Hey!Say!JUMP because they're friends with Yuzaki. Besides meeting them,
what can even possibly happen in thie one month vacation in Japan?
Masterlist: Here

“GIRLS GIRLS! WAKE UP! Today’s the day!” Yuzaki shoke the three girls as hard as he can without hurting them to wake them up. It was only five in the morning but he wanted to wake the girls up right away because he knew that they’re going to a battle. It’s JUMP’s concert today and getting in line for the concert goods would be hell if they don’t wake up early.

Quickly, the girls got up simultaneously and looked at one another with big grins on their faces, “JUMP’S CONCERT!”

Without even saying a word, Yuzaki was thrown out of the girls’ bedroom because the three needed to fix themselves and be prepared for the concert. In about an hour and a half everyone was all ready. Another 30 minutes, they finished eating their breakfast. They even made some sandwiches to be sure in case the line will be really long and they get stuck in it. Usually, JUMP performs few consecutive days. But to the girls’ wonder, this time was different. JUMP would only perform one concert today and the other concerts will be a week after. Knowing JUMP has something plotted, the girls didn’t ask much because they’re afraid they might spill something out to the public through Facebook or Twitter.

JUMP’s concert won’t start until three in the afternoon but they knew they needed to be early for the concert goods. Yuzaki and the girls quickly drove to Tokyo Dome. Since it was still early, Yuzaki was able to find a parking spot easily. They quickly went to the booth where the concert goods were being sold but found out that there was already a long line even though it was still closed.

“Wah! So many people!” Airi commented as she looked around. They sat on the ground while waiting for the booth to be opened.

“Of course, since this is a special concert,” Yuzaki responded, “plus many will also come even though the concert they’ll watch is still next week… but good thing we’re early, or else this line will be even longer,”

At nine in the morning, the booth opened and the line slowly moved. Since everything was organized, it was a really good experience for the girls who were first timers. Everyone was disciplined and there were no pushing at all. In more or less one hour, they reached the front of the line and were able to buy their good. Yuzaki bought a Chinen and Keito uchiwa. Airi bought Yabu’s uchiwa. She wanted to buy Hikaru’s too but he knew Yabu might get jealous so she decided not to buy. Aya bought one Takaki uchiwa and one Inoo, though she won’t bring Inoo’s out in the concert and just keep it in her bag because she knew Yuya would be jealous. Then, Michiyo bought one group uchiwa, since she brought her own Ryutaro uchiwa, which she bought few years ago.

“So, where are we going to stay while waiting for the concert to start? We still have like five hours?” Aya asked.

“How about we walk around? There are shops all over or go to the amusement park?” Yuzaki suggested.

Airi quickly said no to the amusement park, “We can’t afford to get tired before the concert, I want to enjoy it, let’s just do window shopping,”

“I uh… agree, but I have to go by myself if it’s okay?” Aya asked the others, asking for permission.

Yuzaki scratched his head and looked at Airi and Michiyo who just nodded at him, knowing that Aya was up to something though they’re not exactly sure what it was. Yuzaki sighed, “Okay, let’s meet at my car at one in the afternoon,”

“Thanks niichan,” then Aya was off to go.

Like what they agreed to, they were back at Yuzaki’s car by one. They all looked at Aya who was holding a black paper bag. They knew that it was for Yuya since the paper bag looked manly.

“W-what?” Aya questioned, noticing how everyone was looking at her.

Airi shook her head, “Nothing, let’s go, look at all these people, parking area’s already full,”

“Anyway, let’s eat our sandwiches first before going inside the dome,” Michiyo suggested. They ate inside Yuzaki’s car. After eating they headed to the dome, submitted their tickets and waited for Ryutaro at the lobby. After 30 minutes, Ryutaro already arrived. Only few fans noticed him since he was wearing a facemask and a baseball cap. Yuzaki and the girls actually didn’t notice him until he gave Michiyo a tap on the shoulder.

“Yo,” he greeted them.

“Oh gosh! You scared me!” was what Michiyo’s reaction.

“Gomen gomen,” he smiled, “anyway, let’s go inside?”

Since Ryuu was assigned to sit somewhere else because of him being a Johnny’s, he had to be separated from them. Yuzaki and the girls got a good spot at the floor area of the dome. The lights were still on so they could still see the stage. Yuzaki and the girls were located beside the railing where they knew the members would pass by to shake with fans’ hands.

The stage looked matured this time. It had a feeling of ancient Japan, if not ancient Japan, like a fantasy world where warriors with magical powers lived. To be more accurate, the theme looked like a video game.

Noticing something, Michiyo leaned to whisper something to her three companions, “Doesn’t this look like their Re:Start set? Those black and white motif?”

“Yeah, it does,” Airi agreed to her.

Fifteen minutes before 3o’clock, an announcement has been made that the concert will be starting soon. Staffs were running around to go to their respective posts to make sure everything will go well.

Backstage, JUMP was making final preparations like joining hands and cheering themselves to lift their spirits up and remove the nervousness. Yamada took a deep breath the moment he heard the countdown that signaled the start of their concert. They were standing on each of their pedestals that will bring them up to the stage. Pedestals were big enough for them to dance a bit without falling. Overture started when the countdown ended.

Members of Bakaleya started the concert by first asking how the audience was and if they were excited to see JUMP along with like 100 juniors as back up. Everybody responded enthusiastically. When the six members of Bakaleya asked them about three times, they finally called up JUMP and the lights were dimmed. Ride With Me’s intro was quickly played which made all of the fans scream in excitement.

“MINNA!!! Are you ready to have some fun?!?!” Yamada asked the fans as they were slowly elevated up to the stage, each one has their own height. Fans responded by screaming their hearts out which made Yamada smile, then he said almost whispering to his mic, “They let’s have some fun,” after saying that, JUMP started singing and dancing Ride With Me on the pedestal. They were wearing a white costume as if looking like princes. Some of them had capes and some of them had a lash like form of clothing around their shoulders that are hanging to their back, like those of a prince.

Before Ride With Me ends, JUMP went down to the main stage and stood in a straight line, next to each other. When the music ends the lights were shut for a few seconds, when the spotlights were turned on, focusing on each member, they were not wearing red sparkly suits similar their costume in AinoArika with black pants, Shinku was played which was remixed with Hurry Up. During Hurry Up, JUMP members were spread out the dome, on the long stage surrounding those on the floor area. During Yabu’s “make up your mind” solo in Hurry up, there was only one spotlight on which was focused on him. Then when chorus started again, 7 was showed and they were already wearing their purple sparkly vest that they usually wear for Boku wa Vampire which made fans scream, few seconds after that, BEST was also showed wearing the same costume.

Like what the fans expected, Boku wa Vampire was sang after Hurry Up. Some fans only noticed that Yabu and Hikaru were missing at the end of Boku wa Vampire. When Boku wa Vampire ended, Yabu and Hikaru appeared at the main stage, wearing white suits with some decorations on top, sitting on a high chair and holding guitars. Yabu smiled at the camera since he was the one being shown at the monitors around the dome. This made his fans scream then he said, “Ai…” he paused then mouthed “ri” which no one actually noticed except Airi since Yabu only looked like he smiled again then said, “shiteru,”

Yabu and Hikaru performed Tears and Smile. Soon enough, they were joined by other members wearing white suits similar to them. Juniors took Yabu’s and Hikaru’s props as AinoArika’s intro started. As soon as they started singing the chorus, flower petals, fake flower petals, started raining all over the dome like Sakura’s during the spring.

Fans started collecting some of the petals as remembrance for the concert. After AinoArika, they performed Aisureba Motto Happy Life, Dreamer, and Thumb and Pinky. Then it was 7’s time to perform Oh My Jelly, which was followed by BEST’s Sugiru Setsuna. More songs were performed and few more costume changes and the concert was already half way done.

Lights were shut again then blue dim lights were on. It was just enough to see one person standing in the middle of the main stage. No one could see who it was since it was wearing a samurai mask. He was also wearing some kind of a warrior swordsman type of costume. It was all black. His right arm was covered with a loose sleeve that’s attacked to his upper arm by a metal ring with blue lines on it. His left shoulder has a cap on it and his right arm was covered with bandaged.

Aya tugged on Airi’s shirt to get her attention. Airi turned to Aya, “Hm?”

“Does that costume look familiar to you? It seems similar to their costumes in Re:Start,”

Airi looked at the guy dancing on stage again and quickly nodded, “Yeah,”

Later on, the performer took a giant sword out with a big blue dragon engraved on it and started to do some sword tricks. Some juniors appeared on stage and battled with him. Just few more seconds, smoke appeared on stage along with JUMP as they joined the masked performer on stage. They stood to their formation with the masked guy on stage. Everyone’s costumes were some kind of a warrior.

Chinen looked like a ninja. Daiki was wearing a tradition Japanese archer costume. His pants were shaded with black and slightly faded at the middle and turned white. Hikaru on the other hand was wearing a British or American uniform for gunners. Keito then was wearing a Japanese school uniform with his sleeves folded up to his shoulders exposing his muscular arm. But his lower arms were wearing a golden gauntlet. Yamada’s costume was somehow western soldier but different from Hikaru because Yamada has a long cloth on his right leg connected to his shirt, with a long scarf around his neck. Yuuto looked like a Chinese warrior. His top was like two lashes joined together by his belt, underneath was a dark green shirt. He’s wearing martial arts pants and shoes as well. Inoo’s costume seemed to be the most grand since he looked like a mage. While Takaki was also a Chinese warrior but more Chinese that Yuuto’s because of Takaki’s shirt that looked traditional Chinese. Then his left shoulder was covered by a shirt that goes down and being held by his belt. Finally, Yabu looked like he came from a Final Fantasy game but also has the grim reaper feel around him.

“That’s why they took so long to change, their costume is from Re:Start,” Michiyo commented, “so it means they’re performing Re:Start next!”

An unfamiliar music started which made everyone quiet since it’ll be the first time JUMP will perform this song to the public. Everyone was also wondering who the masked guy was since if it was a junior he shouldn’t be in the middle, unless, some of them thought, JUMP has a new member. Most fans dismissed since they knew that having new members in a debuted group in JE was basically impossible.

The new song was a mature song. It was like Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Ride With Me. The dance moves seemed like very complicated so many fans were also wondering how can those with big costumes move easily since it might be heavy of something. Then, during the interlude of the song, JUMP members stopped moving then the masked guy was the only one dancing, then, fans noticed that the other members were already grinning. Then… the mask was slowly removed and revealed that it was Ryutaro dancing and singing with JUMP all along as he was singing his line that time. The dome was filled with the fans scream and celebration because finally, JUMP’s youngest member was back. Many fans were already crying because of the revelation and started chanting, “Morimoto!” again and again. Even Michiyo, Airi and Aya were crying because of happiness.

Right after the song, the lights were shut again. Fans kept on chanting “Morimoto”. Few moments passed, all light turned on and there’s JUMP on the main stage, wearing only the concert shirt and the pants they were wearing a while ago for Re:Start. They first waved, all ten members, to the crowd, then it was Yabu who first spoke, “Anou, we would like to request for silence, we know this is an emotional day,”

Every member put their index fingers on their lips to silence the crowd and waited for complete silence. When everyone was quiet, Yabu spoke again, “The song a while ago was Re:Start, it’s our new single and as you saw… All ten of us are finally together again… and now…we would like to officially welcome Ryutaro-kun back to us, so please, let’s give him a big round of applause,”

The audience clapped as JUMP gave Ryutaro a group hug with him at the middle. As they let go, they could hear the audience chanting again, “Ju nin!” which made some member emotional, especially Ryutaro. Yabu gave him a pat on the back signaling him to finally speak.

Ryutaro first wiped his tears off with his face towel. He couldn’t speak well because of the overwhelming response he received from the fans so he just bowed 90 degrees. When Ryutaro finally calmed down, he held the mic close to his mouth and said, “Arigatou… hontou ni… arigatou,” then bowed again along with JUMP.

When he raised his head, he spoke, “At first… I was actually hesitant to return, but everyone in JUMP… they just… they’ve been very kind to me even after all the trouble we’ve been through because of me. Their love for me encouraged me to return, to come back home, here again, with everyone, with all of you… so, I’m really thankful that everyone welcomed me again with open arms, from now on, I’ll do my best, and promise to behave properly and not be a burden to JUMP again, so please, keep supporting us!” and bowed.

The MC continued where other members kept on teasing Ryutaro like the old days. The fans were extremely happy that everything was back to normal now; JUMP’s rainbow was complete again.

After the MC, that’s when they started singing the singles that Ryutaro was still included. Everybody sang with JUMP, which pumped their energy even more. Their closing song was Thank You ~Bokutachi Kara Kimi e~ which made many fans cry again because they could hear Ryutaro’s voice again. Fake Sakura petals fell again from the ceiling of the dome. As JUMP left the stage, the fans requested for an encore where JUMP sang Romeo and Juliet, and Ai-ing Aishiteru.

It was already nine in the evening when JUMP was able to go home to Yuzaki’s place. They had autograph signing to attend and lots of press conference regarding Ryutaro’s return. They also did some promotion for their new single, which they announced, that will be released in a month.

Yuzaki and the girls decided not to attend any since they can just ask JUMP to sign their stuffs at home, so they went straight home and cooked food as mini celebration for Ryutaro’s come back. Since everything was rushed, they were just able to make spaghetti that’s partnered with fried chicken. Yuzaki rushed to the nearest konbini to buy soft drinks.

Due to their stalkers, JUMP arrived home again one by one, with Ryutaro being last. Everyone welcomed him with party poppers and congratulated him, which made him embarrassed and just told everyone to go and eat. While eating, Airi noticed that Aya was awfully quiet. She pulled her out after they were both done eating.

“Is it about what you were holding a while ago?” Airi asked.

Aya just nodded, “I don’t know how to give it to him, what if he doesn’t like it?”

“Aya, we had the same dilemma until yesterday, but I was able to give Kota his gift… I know you, you’re worried about the price right? You’re thinking what if it’s cheap? Price doesn’t matter Aya, he’ll love it, he’ll be happy. Now go give it to him. Wait for him at the balcony upstairs okay?”

“U-un…” Aya then just followed what Airi told her.

“Bakaki,” Airi called Yuya’s attention, “Aya’s at the balcony, she’s waiting for you,”

“Eh? Is this something serious?” Yuya worriedly asked.

“Ugh, just go!”

“Yes ma’am!”

Yuya stood up and quickly went to where Aya was. Yabu approached Airi to ask what was it about, “Airi,”

Airi smiled at him, “Aya’s just going to give him something,”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, she was holding this black paper bag a while ago,”

Yuya knocked at the door to the balcony and opened it. Aya was sitting where they would usually sit and talk about random things, “Airi told me that you need to talk to me?”


“What is it?” Yuya asked as he sat down beside her, noticing the black paper bag she’s holding close.

“I… um… you see… I wanted to give something to you, but I couldn’t cause… I had it ordered… and you see… it just arrived today,”

Yuya’s face brightened up, “Oh! Show me!”

“B-but! I’m nervous,”

“Of what? Me not liking it? Come on Aya, if it’s from you, whatever it is I’ll like it. It’s the thought that counts remember? Now show me,”

“H-here,” Aya then handed the black paper bag to Yuya.

Yuya excitedly opened the paper bag and saw a rectangular box inside. Its sides were black and the middle was red. On top, there was a T and a cross right beside each other, “No way! A Tissot?!” then he took the box out, opened it and saw an orange T-Race Chronograph wrist watch inside, “WAH! So nice!”

“You like it?”

“I love it! Oh my gosh! It’s orange! This must be expensive Aya, you don’t need to,”

“I want to! You gave me something nice… so I want to give you something nice as well, I really saved for it,”

Seeing how badly his girlfriend wanted to give him something, he just smiled at her and pulled her into an embrace, “Thank you Aya,” then kissed her on the top of her head making Aya blush so hard and hide her face to Yuya’s chest.


[to be continued]

Just one day left T^T