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18 February 2014 @ 09:33 pm
[fic] Summer Fantasy  
Title: Summer Fantasy - Day 28
Authors ayahideki & laile_x_yabu
Characters: Kimura Aya, Hasegawa Airi, Yamashita Michiyo, Chinen Yuzaki, Hey!Say!JUMP, SHINee
Rating: G
Genre: Random, Friendship
Author’s Notes: Well, Kat and Aya were talking and poof, this fic was the product of it.
Summary: Airi,
Aya and Michiyo went to Japan because their fanboy friend Yuzaki
invited them. They're already prepared to meet their favorite band
Hey!Say!JUMP because they're friends with Yuzaki. Besides meeting them,
what can even possibly happen in thie one month vacation in Japan?
Masterlist: Here

The girls woke up surprisingly excited and hyper the next morning. They comfortably went out of their bedroom without worries because they knew for sure that none of the guys stayed the night in Yuzaki’s house. After all, although they said that it was nothing to worry about, the girls were certain that the guys preferred to be careful than to be stupid. There were all kinds of fans, and the kinds of fans that took those photos of the house and the JUMP members coming and going were the ones that couldn’t be underestimated. So they didn’t.

The girls, however, used the fact that the guys weren’t around to go on with their plan. They had actually been planning it for days, but they couldn’t figure out how to execute it well with the guys always busy or hanging around the house. So when they saw a chance, they didn’t waste any more time and started preparing. Even the sleeping Yuzaki was bothered when the girls woke him up from his deep slumber so early in the morning.

“What time is it?” Yuzaki asked as he stifled a yawn after going down the stairs, dragged by Michiyo.

“10:00,” Aya was the one that answered because as soon as Michiyo completed her task of dragging Yuzaki down, he left him alone and proceed towards Airi who was currently making a list of what seemed to be a lot of things while looking repeatedly around the kitchen.

“And you woke me up this early because?” Yuzaki frowned.

“Dude, it’s not even early anymore. But to answer your question, we need you to drive to the supermarket,” Aya answered again, and hearing which made Yuzaki stomp like a child.

“You can drive. You didn’t have to wake me up,” Yuzaki said, frowning even more.

“Dude, you know very well that it’s not safe for us to get out of here yet so you have to go out on your own,” Airi was the one that spoke even though she wasn’t looking and was simply continuing with what she was doing, the grocery list.

“Right,” Yuzaki said, understanding the situation but still hating it completely.

“Oh comel on, wouldn’t you want to do this with us for JUMP too?” Michiyo said with a pout and a tone that was obviously meant to poke Yuzaki’s conscience.

For a moment, Yuzaki didn’t say anything and just looked at each of the girls who were all suddenly looking at him with pouts on. Seeing as he didn’t have a choice anymore, he just sighed and held out his hand.

“Fine, give me the freaking list,” he said but Airi quickly shook her head.

“I’m not done yet. There’s quite a lot we’re planning to make after all. Go change for a bit. It’ll all be done by the time you get back down,” she said.

“And how much money do I have to bring for that?” He asked as he walked his way towards the stairs.

“Better bring your card,” Airi winced as he said, but Yuzaki didn’t say anything more but just nodded his head.

Just as Airi said, by the time Yuzaki got back down from changing, she was done with her list. Yuzaki quickly took it and went out in his car, leaving the three girls behind to start preparing the things that they knew they would need. They took out everything they knew they would need, separating the things as well so that they would know which things to use and to not use while cooking. They divided the works into three only, excluding Yuzaki from the count from the start because they knew well that he’d love to sleep as soon as he got back from doing the groceries.

The first thing that had to be done while it was still morning was baking and desserts. Airi would make Revel Bars and some Red Velvet Cupcakes. Aya was assigned with taking care of designing the cupcakes when they’ve cooled down and refrigerated, and Michiyo was assigned to making the fruit salad. As soon as Yuzaki comes, Michiyo would also quickly marinade the pork and beef that she was earlier assigned to take care of, while Aya would start preparing and seasoning the pork that she’d use for katsudon and the beef for sukiyaki, and Airi would take care of the fish dishes like baked salmon, tuna steak and grilled tuna. If they finish early, they also planned to make some onigiri balls of different flavors and some would even have ‘surprises’ inside.

By their target time to finish, which was at 5:00 in the afternoon, the girls were already all done with everything they intended to do. The marinated meats that Michiyo would start grilling when all the guys came already were resting properly on the refrigerator along with Airi’s grilled tuna. The katsudon were half cooked already and Aya would cook them all the way, also, by the time all the guys came because the purpose of preparing that food after all was to wish the guys luck for their concert the next day. The baked salmon was currently slowly cooking on the over with the tuna steak also baking on a frying pan just below the salmon. The baked stuff were also all done, and Aya has successfully designed each of the cupcakes that Airi made. Even the onirigi balls were done, so the girls were just resting peacefully on the second floor couch when they heard the door opened.

“Hey, I smell food!” They heard Daiki’s voice from downstairs.

“Don’t go sneaking in the kitchen though and go straight up here,” Airi shouted from the couch, but when they saw no Daiki came up the stairs, Airi quickly ran down just in time to see Daiki grab one onigiri from the table. He even bothered lifting the cling wrap covering the container where they put them and putting it back properly. “Hey, it’s not time to eat yet!”

“Who did you make this for?” Daiki asked.

“You guys,” Airi said with a frown.

“Then it’s alright if I get on right?” Daiki said with a silly smile as he walked up the stairs and pass Airi who just sighed and shook her head. After all, Daiki already held it and took a bite from it so she had no choice anymore.

“Where are the other guys?” Aya asked as Daiki sat on the couch beside when Michiyo sat and joined them in watching the still numerous episodes of Criminal Minds that they haven’t watched yet.

“I think they’re on their way already? We decided to come separately so that we can quickly shake off the paparazzi and fans that are following us and avoid getting caught going here again,” Daiki said without much thought. The girls actually looked even more worried that he did.

Just when they turned back to the tv though, they heard the front door opened again and a familiar voice exclaimed, “Hey! Food!”

“That’s Yamada, right?” Michiyo asked with a lifted brow and Daiki simply nodded without taking his eyes off the tv.

“Come up here and don’t touch the food!” Airi was the one that shouted again, but just as they turned and saw Yamada appeared by the stairs, he was already munching on an onigiri that the girls was pretty sure he took even after hearing he shouldn’t.

The same thing happened when the next guys came. From Yuto, Keito, even Ryutaro, Hikaru, Yuya, Chinen and Kei. All of them took one onigiri each before coming up just as Airi shouted every time somebody came. When they heard the door opened for the last time, Airi finally realized it was useless so she didn’t say anything. When Yabu came up though, his hands were empty and he was even quite surprised to find the guys eating onigiri.

“Hey, I want one too,” he said, but when he looked at Airi who was making as face at him, he said, “What?”

“You’re the only one I never told not to take food and yet you’re the only one who didn’t take on?” Airi frowned.

“Oh come on. You’re been with these guys for almost a month and you don’t know that the more you tell them not to do something, the more they’d want to do it. Like taking food,” Yabu said with a grin, and then he turned around. “Wait, I’ll also get one. They’re on the table, right?”

When Yabu came up with his own onigiri as well, the girls decided to come down already after instructing the guys to wake Yuzaki up because he’s just been collapsed on his bed since morning so it was about time for him to eat. Some of the guys also said they’d help out in cooking, but the girls refused. It was their goodluck thing for them for the concert the next day so they didn’t want the guys to work on anything. Yamada somehow managed to squeeze himself with the girls because he said he badly wanted to help out and cook as well. Other than him though, they never allowed to come down until they were done cooking.

Once everything was ready, of course, it was a backyard party.

The first thing served was the katsudon sets that Takaki helped Aya to serve out to the tables outside. Setting up that table there was the only thing that the girls let the guys do just when they were about to eat, and then the chairs around it. They all started eating with that, along with the other things like beef sukiyaki, baked salmon and tuna steak.

After they were done with that, Michiyo started on the grill and continued cooking because the guys were obviously still willing and able to eat more. Ryutaro helped her out and it made it seem more like they were just hanging out there and playing rather than actually cooking and doing some real work. The cupcakes and Revel Bars were ready for taking on the table, but the girls didn’t really endorse them too much because they didn’t want the guys eating too many sweets that night. Just one bar or cupcake for each of them and that’s all.

“Hey, Takaki,” Airi called when she saw Takaki taking another Revvel Bar despite having remembered that he already took out one before, and then she turned to Aya. “Aya, your guy is kind of pigging out on the sweets, you know.”

“What?” Aya turned to Takaki with shock and then winced when she was the Revel Bar on his hands.

He winced a little and then pouted as he said, “Just one more, please?”

“No! Gosh! I can’t take my eyes off you for a little bit, you quickly start munching on something else?” Aya made a face at Takaki and pushed a plate of salad towards him. “Eat this instead!”

Shaking her head, Aya walked back into the house bringing all of Revel Bars and Red Velvet Cupcakes into the house and making sure to keep them sealed safe enough so that none of the guys would dare take any more.

“Poor guy,” Yabu laughed despite what he said which Airi heard, so she quickly turned to him and inspected what he was eating.

“You have to be careful too!” Airi eyed him threateningly.

“What, I am not pigging out like Bakaki is,” Yabu said and even opened his mouth as if to show Airi what he was chewing on, but Airi quickly looked away with a playful disgust on her face, and then looked back at the guy with an unbelieving look only when he finally closed his widely opened mouth.

“Ah, why are you so disgusting!” Airi said and even faked puking and then shook her head. “I can’t believe I spent my 3 months allowance with you and let myself starve all those times.”

Hearing what she said made the playfulness of Yabu tone down as he started to wonder what she meant by what she said.

“What are you trying to tell me?” Yabu asked with an expecting smile, but Airi just winced while looking at him. When he didn’t say anything more though and just kept on looking at Airi with that kind of look, Airi just sighed and rolled her eyeballs.

“Actually, before we went here, I bought something that I wanted to give to you,” Airi just started what she was saying when Yabu’s excited “What, what, what?” cut her off, so she just frowned at him. He stopped upon seeing that so she continued, “To be honest though, I didn’t really give it much though because half of my mind was unwilling to give it to you.”

“Why?” Yabu was the one that frowned then.

“Give me a break, I didn’t really think this will happen between us you know,” Airi simply shrugged, but then at the same time, she took out something out of her pocket, clutching it tightly as she lifted her hand in front of Yabu who looked pretty curious and excited. “So yeah, if I were you, you shouldn’t expect too much.”

“Sure, whatever, just give it already,” Yabu said without taking his eyes off of Airi’s hand so he didn’t even saw the say she made a face at him.

Slowly though, she started to open her hand and showed the pair accessories she had then. Instantly, a smile appeared on Yabu’s face, undoubtedly showing that he liked what he saw and without further ado, he took them both and examined them. They were actually couple necklaces with rings as pendants. On one ring was written Airi, while on the other one was written Kouta.

“I wasn’t sure what your ring size is so I intentionally made them into pendants after all,” Airi stuck her tongue out as she explained.

“What were you so humble about earlier? What’s not to like about this?” Yabu said with a large smile as he turned to Airi.

She just shrugged and didn’t say anything, but instead just made a face.

Rolling his eyeballs, Yabu gave one of the necklaces back to Airi’s hand and said, hold this for me for a moment, and even before Airi could figure what it was he was trying do, he suddenly leaned towards her and helped her wear the necklace. Airi’s eyes rounded in shock because he was in a position where he looked like he was hugging her and that actually took a little bit more attention that she intended. When Yabu leaned back again, he pushed her hair out so that he could see properly how the necklace looked on her and when he seemed satisfied, he pulled her hand as he said, “Now help me wear mine.”

“Alright. Turn around,” Airi said, but Yabu quickly shook his head.

“Do it like I did,” he said, almost pouting like a child.

For a moment, Airi just looked at him unbelievingly, but then she realized what day it was already and how short the time they could be spending together like that for a while, she just shrugged and did as he asked. In fact, she even leaned in closer, really almost like she was hugging him and then leaned back to see how it looked.

“Now don’t we look sweet,” Yabu said with a full smile, and Airi just laughed.

Just then, they heard running from inside the house and when everyone turned, it was Yuzaki with a plastic bag on his hand, happily announcing, “Guys, lovebirds, before the night ends, how about we wish JUMP luck for tomorrow’s concert by lighting some fireworks? I bought some earlier when I bought groceries.”

“Hey, that’s a great idea!” Inoo said and everyone started to gather around where Yuzaki spread out all of the fireworks he bought.

Everyone took on each, leaving a pile of more. Michiyo used the fire from the grill to light up a small candle and then placed in the middle of everyone so that they could quickly and alternately light their own sticks. When everyone’s fireworks were lit already, they all raised them in the air.

“Goodluck with the concert Hey! Say! JUMP!” The girls and Yuzaki shouted.

“Thank you!” The guys answered, and also added, “Goodluck to us!”

And while like that, everybody shouted their different wishes and kept lighting up fireworks until everything that Yuzaki bought was used up.


Copyright © 2014 愛莉✿ Airi LaiLe & Aya Terakawa