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20 January 2014 @ 12:44 am
Title: Summer Fantasy - Day 27
Authors ayahideki & laile_x_yabu
Characters: Kimura Aya, Hasegawa Airi, Yamashita Michiyo, Chinen Yuzaki, Hey!Say!JUMP, SHINee
Rating: G
Genre: Random, Friendship
Author’s Notes: Well, Kat and Aya were talking and poof, this fic was the product of it.
Summary: Airi, Aya and Michiyo went to Japan because their fanboy friend Yuzaki
invited them. They're already prepared to meet their favorite band
Hey!Say!JUMP because they're friends with Yuzaki. Besides meeting them,
what can even possibly happen in thie one month vacation in Japan?
Masterlist: Here

It was around six in the morning when Michiyo woke up. She decided not to wake the two older girls up and left the room instead. She found Ryutaro at the family area watching TV, “Good morning Ryuu,” she greeted him.

Ryutaro turned to look at her and smiled, “Good morning Micchan,”

“Who’s cooking?” Michiyo asked as soon as she can smell and hear something being cooked downstairs and sat beside Ryutaro.

“Oh, BEST is,”

“No rehearsal today? The concert is two days from now,”

Ryutaro shrugged, “I guess manager-san gave them a day off before the start of the concert, it’ll be hectic you see,”

“I see, oh yeah, two shows each day right?”

Ryutaro nodded, “So let the guys take care of everything here at home for today,”

“Okay then, won’t say no to that,”

Few minutes passed, Takaki was the first to go upstairs and saw Michiyo, “Ah, Michiyo-chan, mind if I go into your room?”

“Sure, I think they’re still asleep,”

“Sankyuu,” Takaki quickly went inside. He rushed over to Aya’s bed and sat beside her, “Aya… Aya,” he called her name as he repeatedly shook her by the shoulder.

“Mm…” Aya groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She quickly covered herself with blanket not because she still wants to sleep more but because she doesn’t want Takaki to see her during morning, “Go away…”

“Awww I’m not leaving without you,” he got up, took a comb from the drawer and went back to Aya, “if it’s about your morning hair I’m fixing it,” he pulled her up and Aya quickly covered her face with a pillow as he combed her messy morning hair.

There was silence. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of the comb brushing down Aya’s just-above-the-waist long hair. It was Aya who spoke first, “Why are you being extra sweet today?”

“Do I need a reason to be?” then he placed the comb down to the bedside table, “Come on, wake up or do you want to see Kota waking Airi up?”

“Fine fine,” Aya pushed the blanket off of her legs and got up, she quickly fixed her bed first and got dragged by Takaki out of the room.

Yabu entered the room right away and then tried his best to wake Airi up.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Airi asked and covered herself with blanket just like Aya did a while ago, “Don’t you have work?”

“I do, but not today, please Airi wake up, I made breakfast, I mean we,” Yabu said as he tried to embrace her with the blanket between them, “please please please?”

“If you don’t wake up I’ll do something,” Yabu threatened her.

Being curious about what Yabu will do, Airi decided to keep lying down with her eyes closed. Yabu pouted, “Mou, I’m serious!” then he quickly removed the blanket off of Airi and pull her into a steady kiss.

With her eyes widened, Airi wasn’t able to do anything but just stay still. When Yabu slowly pulled back with a huge grin on his face, Airi’s first reaction was to touch her lips, paused for a while and looked at Yabu, “What the hell Kota?!” and quickly threw a pillow at him.

“At least you’re awake,” he chuckled, “come,”

“Go first, I’ll still need to fix myself,”

“Aw you look just fine,” he held her hand and pulled her out of the bed and straight out of her room.

When they finally got down to the dining area, everyone was already in their seats, waiting for them to arrive and they can finally start eating their breakfast. It wasn’t that much but the girls knew the guys put their hearts into what they cooked. Everyone had omurice. The guys have simple designs on their omurice like just zigzag lines, but the girls were somehow special. Airi’s omurice has “My Everything” written on hers with a heart on the dot of the i. Michiyo has “MichiRyu” and Aya has “愛してる” on hers.

“Uhm… what’s this?” Airi asked since she was the very last to sit.

“Well... we felt like making the breakfast special,” Ryutaro answered and smiled at Michiyo making the girl blush.

“And now I seriously feel bad to eat this I mean… look,” Aya pouted at her omurice.

Takaki chuckled, “Just take a picture so you can save the memory of it,”

“I already did, but still,”

“I’ll feel bad if you don’t eat it then,”

“Fine fine, whatever, let’s eat,”

After breakfast, everyone went to the backyard to play some games. The girls taught the boys to play a Filipino game usually played by kids, piko or hopscotch in English. They had barbeque outside as well for lunch. SHINee who just finished all of their schedule arrived and smelled the barbeque from their backyard was invited to join them as well, but they had to leave when it was about to get dark because their manager called them for an emergency meeting.

“We’ll make dinner!” Yamada quickly announced as she saw the girls going to their posts in the kitchen. He quickly grabbed the apron from them and distributed them to everyone in 7.

“Aw come on BEST already cooked breakfast and made barbeque,” Michiyo whined.

“That is why 7 will cook dinner, now go relax upstairs, we’ll call you when it’s done,”

Upstairs, Airi was browsing on her iPad mini when she quickly called Yabu’s attention, “Kota Kota, look,”

“Hm?” Yabu went to her side and looked at the screen, “Shit,”

“What’s wrong?” Inoo asked him as he saw the worry on their leader’s face.

“There’s a photograph of Yuzaki’s house in arama, seems like some fans were able to stalk us here, it says that JUMP were spotted to be going to someone’s house and not just once, but many times,”

Daiki approached them and looked at it as well, “It means that the girls need to be extra careful,”

Yuzaki then butted in, “They don’t go out much, even if they do they’re with me, except for yesterday though,”

“Don’t worry that won’t happen again,” Airi said, “plus, we only have like three days left here, we’ll survive, right?”

Hearing this, Aya decided to go downstairs to the deck for some fresh air. She sat on the sofa that was at the side of the house. Takaki who noticed the stress on Aya quickly followed his girlfriend, “Aya?”

“Hm?” Aya responded minimally as she was sitting on the corner of the sofa, playing with her phone.

“Don’t worry too much about it, we’ve been very careful for the past month right?” Takaki told her as he sat beside her, placing his arm around her shoulder.

Aya nodded and sighed, “I just don’t want people bashing you because you already have a girlfriend,”

“I’m already used to the bashing Aya, don’t worry about me, I’m more worried about you since fans don’t take our relationships nicely,”

Aya placed her phone in the pocket of her jacket and leaned her head to Takaki’s shoulder, “Ne, if ever you know… I hear some negative rumors about you when I’m in Canada, I won’t believe them, I won’t believe them until you confirm it yourself,”

Takaki smiled, “I know that already, I see your posts in facebook,”

There was an awkward silence. Since Aya liked to play with Takaki’s hand, she took it and started massaging it on random spot making Takaki smile, “I’ll miss this,”

“What this?”

“You know, this, you just randomly massaging my hand when we’re together,”

“I always do this to my dad’s hand when we’re at church to keep me awake,”


“Hm?” Aya looked at Takaki and noticed that he was somehow blushing, “What’s wrong Yuyan?”

“It’s just… you’re about to leave in three days and um… we haven’t kissed yet, like you know, a kiss couples do?” Takaki said, earning a blush from his girlfriend as well.

Aya looked down. She could feel her chest is about to explode. She tried to relax herself by taking a deep breath but failed miserably.

“If you don’t want to, it’s okay you know I mean… I didn’t mean to rush you or anything, I know you’re conservative and all,”

“It’s okay, I want to,” Aya cut him off, “I’ve always wanted to kiss you, I’m just to shy plus I don’t want to initiate it cause I’m a girl…”

Takaki laughed, “Really? All this time I’ve been afraid to initiate it cause I might step on something,”

“Well… you have my permission to kiss me until I leave for Canada,” Aya told him, “but only kiss! No unnecessary movements,”

Takaki smiled and took his girlfriend’s hand, kissing it. Then, he smiled at her, slowly leaning forward, closing the gap between their faces. Aya gulped. Because Takaki’s arm was around her shoulder, she doesn’t really have much room to move around but to wait for his lips to touch hers. She closed her eyes as she felt Takaki pressing his lips on hers. It was just a simple kiss; there wasn’t even much movement from either side.

Just few seconds later, Takaki slowly pulled back smiled at Aya who looked extremely nervous, “Aya, you okay?”

“Un…” she nodded.

“Hey um… I have something for you. I don’t really know when’s the right time to give this but, since we had our first ‘proper’ kiss, I guess it should be now,” Takaki said.

Aya looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face, “I’ll just go get it, it’s in my bag,” Takaki quickly got up and ran to his room and searched his backpack for two small boxes. Once he found it, he ran back to Aya, and sat beside her. Aya’s eyes were fixed on the two boxes he’s holding trying to figure out what’s inside.

“Here,” he opened one box. It contained a white gold necklace with a white gold lock as pendant. The lock was surrounded by small diamond cuts all over. It was accompanied by yellow gold key. The head of the key was heart-shaped and was also full of diamonds, “Look, the lock pendant is what’s holding the two ends of the necklace, the only way to unlock it is by using this,”

Takaki then opened the second box, which contained almost the same kind of necklace, but the lock here was yellow gold and the key was white gold, “You have to use the white key to unlock the white lock. It means—“

“The two necklaces need to be together to be able to unlock it?”

“Yep,” Takaki nodded, “since I noticed you prefer white gold, I’m giving you the white lock,” then he wore the necklace to Aya, “there, you won’t be able to remove it without me,” he smiled at her, “I’ll get to wear the other one, mind helping me?”

“Sure,” Aya then wore the necklace to Takaki, “won’t your fans notice,”

“Of course they will but they’ll just think as usual it’s one of my accessories,”

"These necklaces are like the two of us... I know I'm being cheesy here but let me," Takaki chuckled, "they won't be complete without the other one, like us..."


“Hm?” he looked at Aya.

“Thank you,” Aya embraced Takaki as if she was already afraid of saying goodbye to him, “I wish I can stay here longer,”

“I wish that too, we’ll just have to be patient okay?” Takaki cupped Aya’s face and gave her a quick peck on the lips, “I love you,”

“I love you too,”

They stayed there until 7 called them for dinner and everyone didn’t fail to notice that something was different about Takaki and Aya.

[to be continued]

Since it's about to end, I decided to ask Airi if I can go extra romantic and I'm expecting the next update to be extra sweet on Yabu and Airi huehuehue hopefully :3