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12 December 2013 @ 10:31 pm
Title: Summer Fantasy - Day 25
Authors ayahideki & laile_x_yabu
Characters: Kimura Aya, Hasegawa Airi, Yamashita Michiyo, Chinen Yuzaki, Hey!Say!JUMP, SHINee
Rating: G
Genre: Random, Friendship
Author’s Notes: Well, Kat and Aya were talking and poof, this fic was the product of it.
Summary: Airi, Aya and Michiyo went to Japan because their fanboy friend Yuzaki
invited them. They're already prepared to meet their favorite band
Hey!Say!JUMP because they're friends with Yuzaki. Besides meeting them,
what can even possibly happen in thie one month vacation in Japan?
Masterlist: Here

The girls were woken up by the noise they heard outside. They looked at one another almost groaning after hearing loud thuds and footsteps. The door of the bathroom beside their room also kept on opening and closing, even the shower was on for quite a while now.

“What’s happening?” Michiyo asked the two older girls with her.

Airi yawned and spoke, “Must be the guys preparing for work, Kota told me their schedule is like packed,”

“Mou at least they try to keep it down?” Aya said as she sat up, with her morning hair extremely messed up.

“Let’s at least try to see them off?” Michiyo suggested. Airi looked at Aya and Aya looked back at her, the two just shrugged and got off their respective beds. They first tried to fix themselves and went out of their room.

The girls saw Inoo and Yuto coming out of their room with bags hanging on their shoulder. The three girls greeted them good morning in unison.

Inoo and Yuto smiled at them and greeted back. Yuto ran downstairs as Inoo explained to them that today their manager’s picking them up and that the van was already outside.

“We’ll see you guys off then,” Aya said.

“Sou, the others are downstairs already, come on,” Inoo replied and quickly went down. The girls followed and saw the guys in the kitchen just grabbing foods they can find.

“You guys didn’t eat breakfast?” Airi asked.

“Ah, Airi ohayou,” Yabu greeted her, “we’ll eat on the way to work, good thing there were some left overs from last night,”

“Well you guys take care,”

Takaki who saw his sleepy looking girlfriend approached her with a sandwich in his hand, “Good morning sleepy head,” then gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.

Aya frowned as she hated when Takaki was being sweet to her in front of everyone, “Make sure you don’t skip meals,” she said, ignoring his affection.

“Aw, you’re being harsh today,”

Michiyo laughed and said, “Don’t mind her, you know she’s not a morning person,”

Takaki was about to say something when they heard the honking of the van just outside the house. The boys quickly gathered their stuffs and went to the door, Yabu and Takaki both quickly stole kisses from their girlfriends’ cheeks and followed the others outside. The girls just peeked their heads out of the door and watched the guys leave for work.

“Mou, we’re not seeing them much lately, we only have five days left here,” Michiyo pouted as the van disappeared from their sights.

“It can’t be helped, they’re idols and it’s summer,” Airi said.

The girls went back inside, Aya was on her phone when she stopped walking with the other two, “Hey, you know the guys have lots of stalkers and campers outside their houses right? There are rumors going around that the guys are not going home anymore,”

“That’s bad,”

“Really bad, and if they stalk them coming here, then it’s a really big trouble even for us,”

The girls decided to talk about it outside at the deck where they saw Yuzaki sleeping on one of the sofa, “Oi, Yuzaki, what the hell are you doing here?!” Airi shook his body.

Yuzaki groaned, “The guys were being noisy, they started moving like 4 in the freaking morning, I came here to get some sleep, Yabu was like banging at my door to wake Chii up,”

Suddenly, they four people heard a loud voice from across the fence, “YO!”

They all looked at the direction from where the voice came from and saw Onew leaning his arms and head over the fence, smiling brightly at them. Taemin popped out and also leaned his arms over the fence as well, “Ohayou!”

“Oppa!” Airi exclaimed.

“Taemin-ah!” Aya exclaimed as well, actually the same time as Airi said Oppa.

The two girls went to the fence and greeted them, “You’re back from Korea?”

Taemin quickly nodded, “Yep, we have some guestings to do, we’ll just stay here for a week? I think just a week, right hyung?”

“Yeah, just a week, our manager just dropped us off here to let us rest, then he’s off again to fix our schedule,” Onew added.

Airi and Aya nodded, then Aya spoke to ask, “Did you eat breakfast already?”

Right after hearing the word “breakfast” Key quickly appeared on the fence, “NO!”

Taemin and Onew looked at him with a confused face, “Hyung, we had breakfast at the plane,”

Key frowned, “You call that breakfast? I call that trash, it’s just a small bun and butter, it’s no where near breakfast,”

“We can cook something decent for you if you want, but it won’t be much,” Airi offered.

“Oooh thank heavens, as long as it’s decent, please do cook for us,”

“Can we have pancakes?” Taemin asked with a cute pout on his face.

“Awww,” both Airi and Aya reacted then Aya added, “of course, Airi, let’s go cook pancakes,”

“WAH! Really?! Really?! Can we come over there?” Taemin excitedly asked.

Aya and Airi were about to look at Yuzaki when the owner of the house spoke, “Sure, let them come, they’re welcome,”

“Thanks Yuzaki/niichan!” The two girls quickly gratified. Airi called Michiyo to help her preparing the pancakes as Aya rushed to the gate to open it for them as well as the door.

The pancakes were quickly made. They all ate inside at the dining area and talked about what happened while SHINee was back in Korea. They were eating happily when suddenly, Onew’s phone rang, he excused himself for a while and came back with a sulking expression on his face, “Manager called, he told us to prepare cause we’ll be rehearsing for one of our guestings today,”

“Work already?” Airi asked.

“Yeah, we’ll just finish this then we’ll get going, sorry about that,” Onew and the other four apologized.

After few minutes, SHINee bid their farewell to the girls and Yuzaki and apologetically left for work as well.

“It’s good that the came back before we left ne?” Aya commented which Airi quickly agreed on.

“At least we get to see them,”

“Okay, who’s assigned to wash the dishes today?” Michiyo asked. Everyone looked at the calendar to check who’s going to wash the dishes for breakfast that they. The girls all looked at Yuzaki.

“Mou! Why do I always get the meals with the most dishes!?” Yuzaki whined and started cleaning up the table.

There was nothing much to do that day so they all decided to visit some spots in Tokyo, buy some souvenirs and eat some of the local foods around. They also tried to play in arcades and lastly, went to a karaoke bar. Pretty much, they were singing JE songs and tried to dance along, if they knew the steps.

They didn’t notice the time that it was already late until Yuzaki received a call from a seriously worried Yabu, “Yuzaki! Are the girls with you? I’ve been trying to contact Airi and Yuyan’s trying to contact Aya then there Ryuu to Michiyo but no answers!

“Yes yes! They’re with me!” Yuzaki went out of their karaoke room so he and Yabu could hear each other, “we’re in the karaoke, they’re either lowbat or can’t hear their phones ringing, I think they’re lowbat cause they keep on taking pictures earlier,”

Oh geez thank goodness, I almost called the police man! Anyway, we’re on our way home, if you guys are still enjoying then keep going, we just want to know where you guys are,”

Yuzaki nodded, “I’ll tell them you’re going home now then, we’ll see you later,” then he ended the call. Yuzaki went back inside and told the girls what happened. They all agreed to call it a day and went home. About half an hour, they’re already back at Yuzaki’s place. JUMP was already there as well. Aya was quickly welcomed by a really worried Takaki.

“Aya,” Takaki embraced her as tight as he can, almost as if his very life depended on it.

“Gomen.. my phone died,”

“Ssh.. I’m just glad you’re here now,”

Michiyo was also approached by Ryutaro and expressed his worries about her for being not able to contact her for a few hours. Airi on the other hand noticed Yabu was just looking at her. Yabu signaled her to follow him with his head and went upstairs. Knowing what Yabu wanted, she quickly followed him to the family area.

“You want to talk?” Airi asked.

Inoo actually was about to go upstairs to put his bag in his room when he noticed that the two seemed like was having a serious conversation so he just quietly went back downstairs and told the others not to go upstairs for a while.

Yabu then suddenly pulled Airi into a tight embrace, “You don’t know how worried I was… I couldn’t focus with what I was doing, I kept on thinking of the worst case scenarios…”

“Kota…” normally Airi would say that Yabu was just being paranoid and all, but she knew this wasn’t the time to go against him, “I’m sorry… it was my bad, I forgot to send you a text that we’ll be at the karaoke, I didn’t notice the time and—“

Airi was cut off by Yabu, “It’s all done now, you’re here and you’re safe,”

“Un…” Airi nodded as Yabu let go of her.

“Actually Airi, I want to talk about us, Yuyan told me that he and Aya already had a closure yesterday… and I want us to have… something we agree on once you leave,”

Yabu let Airi sit as he sat beside her, waiting for her to talk.

“Well… one thing I’m sure and I can assure you is that I’ll stay faithful and loyal to you and… if rumors or some negative news about you pops up… I won’t believe them until you yourself confirm them to me… and it would be really nice if there’s gonna be a head’s up about the news?”

Yabu smiled, “About that… I can’t really always give you a head’s up but I’ll do what I can… and…” he held her hands, “as much as my consciousness knows, I won’t do anything that will hurt your feelings… I know Johnny’s have been branded as playboys and being in a long distance relationship… one thing I would really as from you is to trust me… especially in my line of work, people will always look for something to throw at me,”

“I can give you that, as long as you don’t break it,” Airi smiled back at him.

“I’ll do my best not to, and don’t you go flirt with other guys back in the Philippines,” Yabu pouted, “I saw you and Aya-chan talking to facebook about this guy same class as you are,”

Airi laughed, “OMG you’re so stalking me,”

“So what if I was, and I’ll keep on stalking you,”

“I need to be careful then,”

[to be continued]

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愛理 ❀ Airi LaiLelaile_x_yabu on December 13th, 2013 09:06 am (UTC)
What the fug, dude?! ROFL
wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I can't believe you just went there! I mean, the crush and all! But well, as long as you don't mention any name, we're good. Haha! xD
Will be writing the next chapter... by the time I'm gone on HIATUS ^^v